Working Papers

The WSF Working Paper Series periodically publishes working papers that highlight the findings of its research. It disseminates the interdisciplinary Welfare State Futures research and is intended to stimulate discussion within the field. The working papers constitute work in progress. The papers are published electronically and are available online. For a pdf version of the research click on the appropriate report of interest.


#3/2018 (June 2018) – Ohto Kanninen, Petri Böckerman, and Ilpo Suoniemi: Domain-Specific Risk and Public Policy

#2/2018 (May 2018) – Per Engström, Katarina Nordblom and Arnaldur Stefansson: Multiple Misbehaving: Loss Averse and Inattentive to Monetary Incentives

#1/2018 (May 2018) – Per Engström, Eskil Forsell, Johannes Hagen and Arnaldur Stefansson: Increasing the Take-Up of the Housing Allowance Among Swedish Pensioners: A Field Experiment

#4/2017 (August 2017) – Anne Boschini, Kristin Gunnarsson and Jesper Roine: Women in Top Incomes – Evidence from Sweden 1974-2013

#3/2017 (May 2017) – Ohto Kanninen and Daniel Mahler: The Value Function with Life Satisfaction Data

#2/2017 (April 2017) – Daniel Stegmueller: The Dynamics of Income Expectations and Redistribution Preferences

#1/2017 (January 2017) – Linna Marten: Demand for Redistribution: Individuals‘ Response to Economic Setbacks

#5/2016 (October 2016) – H. Xavier Jara and Erik Schokkaert: Putting Subjective Well-being to Use for Ex-ante Policy Evaluation

#4/2016 (September 2016) – Anja Neundorf and Charlotte Cavaille: The Price of Sharing: Support for Universal and Equal Access to Health Care in Diversifying Neighborhoods

#3/2016 (August 2016) – Spencer Bastani, Ylva Moberg and Håkan Selin: The Anatomy of the Extensive Margin Labor Supply Response

#2/2016 (July 2016) – Silvia Avram, Mike Brewer and Andrea Salvatori: Can’t Work or Won’t Work: Quasi-Experimental Evidence on Work Search Requirements for Single Parents

#1/2016 (April 2016) – Kaisa Kotakorpia and Jani-Petri Laamanenby: Prefi…lled Income Tax Returns and Tax Compliance: Evidence From a Natural Experiment


#2/2017 (April 2017)  – Alexander W. Cappelen, Karl Ove Moene, Siv-Elisabeth Skjelbred and Bertil Tungodden: The Merit Primacy Effect

#1/2017 (March 2017) – Thomas Markussen and Jean-Robert Tyran: Choosing a Public-Spirited Leader. An Experimental Investigation of Political Selection

#3/2016 (December 2016) – Alexander W. Cappelen, Sebastian Fest, Erik Ø. Sørensen and Bertil Tungodden: Choice and Personal Responsibility: What Is a Morally Relevant Choice?

#2/2016 (November 2016) – Ingvild Almås, Alexander Cappelen and Bertil Tungodden: Cutthroat Capitalism versus Cuddly Socialism: Are Americans more Meritocratic and Efficiency-seeking than Scandinavians?

#1/2016 (November 2016) – Jean-Robert Tyran and Alexander K. Wagner: Experimental Evidence on Expressive Voting

#2/2015 (October 2015) – Ingvild Almås, Alexander W. Cappelen, Kjell G. Salvanes, Erik Ø. Sørensen and Bertil Tungodden: Fairness and Family Background

#1/2015 (August 2015) – Alexander W. Cappelen, Roland I. Luttens, Erik Ø. Sørensen and Bertil Tungodden: Fairness in Bankruptcy Situations: An Experimental Study


#1/2017 (May 2017) – José-Ignacio Antón, René Böheim and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer: The Effects of International Migration on Native Workers’ Unionisation in Austria

#1/2015 (June 2015) – Erling Barth, Henning Finseraas, Kalle Moene and Kjersti M. Østbakken: Insurance or Redistribution Motives? Behaviors and Beliefs in the Welfare State


#4/2018 (November 2018) – Molana, H., Montagna, G.E. Onwordi (2018c): Competitive Selection, Globalisation and the Labour Markets: Welfare State and Industrial Policies – 

#3/2018 (November 2018) – Molana, H., Montagna, G.E. Onwordi (2018b): Comparing Welfare States: International Shocks, Labour Market Participation and Mismatch [Link tba soon]

#2/2018 (November 2018) – Molana, H., C. Montagna, G.E. Onwordi (2018a), De-Globalisation, Welfare State Reforms and Labour Market Outcomes

#1/2018 (November 2018) – Fredrik Heyman, Fredrik Sjöholm: Globalization, Job Tasks and the Demand for Different Occupations

#1/2017 (May 2017) – Hassan Molana, Catia Montagna and George E. Onwordi: Reforming the Liberal Welfare State. International Shocks, Unemployment and Household Income Shares

#1/2016 (November 2016) – Holger Görg, Philipp Henze, Viroj Jienwatcharamongkhol, Daniel Kopasker, Hassan Molana, Catia Montagna and Fredrik Sjöholm: Firm Size Distribution and Employment Fluctuations: Theory and Evidence


#1/2018 (August 2018) – Verena Seibel: Gender Differences in Knowledge about  Healthcare Eligibility among Migrants in Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany


#2/2016 (October 2016) – Petra de Jong, Christof van Mol and Helga de Valk: Intra European Migration Patterns & European Migrant Characteristics: a Statistical  Portrait of the Dutch Context between 2003 and 2013

#1/2016 (August 2016) – Petra de Jong, Helga de Valk and Christof van Mol: Welfare, Migration and the Life Course: Welfare Regimes and Migration Patterns of EU-citizens in the Netherlands


#1/2016 (February 2016) – Gareth Davies: Migrant Union Citizens and Social Assistance: Trying to Be Reasonable About Self-Sufficiency

#2/2016 (June 2016) – Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen and Gabriel Pons Rotger: The Fiscal Impact of EU Immigration on the Universalistic Welfare State


#3/2018 (September 2018) – Florian Zabransky and Jana Fingarova: Belonging and European Social Membership: Legitimations and Contestations in Bulgarian and German Social Policy Expert Interviews

#2/2018 (June 2018) – Noémi Bakonyi, Erika Nóra Regös, Clara Holzinger, Elisabeth Scheibelhofer: Any Transnational Social Security Out There? Hungarian Mobile Citizens and their Experiences with (Transnational) Social Security Access in Austria

#1/2018 (March 2018) – Maarja Saar, Florence Fröhlig and Ann Runfors: Welfare Negotations Among Estonians Working in Sweden. Experiences, Barriers and Narrated Coping Strategies

#2/2017 (September 2017) – Florian Zabransky and Anna Amelina: Intra-EU Mobility and Selective European Social Citizenship: Profiles of Welfare Inclusion and Exclusion in the Context of EU Social Security Coordination

#1/2017 (June 2017) – Jana Fingarova: Intra-EU Mobility and Portability of Social Security Rights between Bulgaria and Germany: Formal Regulations and Barriers to Mobile Bulgarians 

#3/2016 – Florence Fröhlig, Maarja Saar and Ann Runfors: Swedish and Estonian Discourses on Free EU Movement, Welfare and Belonging

#2/2016 – Florence Fröhlig, Ann Runfors and Bozena Sojka: Exploring Subtle Mechanisms in Discourses of Belonging by Combining the Logics Approach with Critical Discourse Analysis

#1/2016 (December 2016) – Emma Carmel, Bożena Sojka with Kinga Papież: Free to Move, Right to Work, Entitled to Claim? Governing Social Security Portability for Mobile Europeans


#1/2018 – Beatriz Padilla, Simone Castellani, Vera Rodrigues and Jessica Lopes: Welfare Bricolage in Portuguese Service Providers: From Challenges to Strategies 2017

#5/2017 – Simon Pemberton and Lucy Doos: Logics of Welfare Bricolage among UK Service Providers

#4/2017 – Beatriz Padilla, Vera Rodrigues and Tiago Chaves: Typologies and Logics of Welfare Bricolage in Portugal: Lisbon Case Study

#3/2017 – Hannah Bradby and Sarah Hamed: Typologies and Logics of Welfare Bricolage in Sweden: Uppsala Case Study

#2/2017 – Simon Pemberton and Arshad Isakjee: Typologies and Logics of Welfare Bricolage in the UK

#1/2017 – Arshad Isakjee: Welfare State Regimes: A Literature Review

#4/2016 – Jenny Phillimore with Franziska Klaas, Beatriz Padilla, Sonia Hernández-Plaza and Vera Rodrigues: Adaptation of Health Services to Diversity: An Overview of Approaches

#3/2016 – Jenny Phillimore, Rachel Humphries, Franziska Klaas and Michi Knecht: Bricolage: Potential as a Conceptual Tool for Understanding Access to Welfare in Superdiverse Neighbourhoods

#2/2016 – Simon Pemberton and Rachel Humphris: Locality, Neighbourhood and Health:
A Literature Review

#1/2016 – Hannah Bradby and Tilman Brand: Dimensions of Diversity: Terminology
in Health Research


#1/2016 (November 2016) – Peter Taylor-Gooby, Benjamin Leruth and Heejung Chung: Welfare State Futures, Prospects and Cuts: Using Democratic Forums to Investigate Attitudes to Welfare

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