Welfare State Futures Final Conference Currently Running in Florence, Italy

The Welfare State Futures Final Conference was inaugurated this morning by Scientific Programme Coordinator Ellen Immergut as well as keynote speakers Mary Daly (University of Oxford) who spoke about recent trends in child welfare policy and Maurizio Ferrera (Università degli Studi di Milano) who adressed the future of social Europe.

Research results as well as their policy implications from the areas of migration, family and child welfare, welfare state attitudes, health policy and globalization, labour policy and inequalities were discussed in three sets of panels, including roundtables and practitioners with stakeholders from different institutions and areas of policy.

Tomorrow, the conference will be concluded with two further sets of panels as well as a final plenary roundtable. We will keep you up to date under https://twitter.com/Norface_WSF!

Photo copyright: Robert Schuman Centre