Peter Taylor-Gooby at the UK House of Commons

Peter Taylor-Gooby gave the keynote at an EXCEPT project conference, introduced by Rosie Duffield MP, at the House of Commons of the UK on 25 April 2018.

EXCEPT is a research project which aims to address the  increasing youth unemployment and insecurities in the European labour market of recent years. It analyses the youth situation in the labour market and the risks of social exclusion and assesses related policy measures in the EU-28 and in Ukraine. 90 out of the 120 guests that participated in the event belonged to the project’s target group of young people.

Taylor-Gooby presented WelfSOC findings that show strong public support for social investment. He argued that a major social investment in young people – training, education, access to housing, cheap childcare – is essential, if Britain is to succeed in the future.

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Olena Nizalova, EXCEPT Project Leader at University of Kent, and Peter Taylor-Gooby, WelfSOC Project Leader