Welfare State Futures Featured in the Latest Issue of EU Research Magazine

In late December, EU Research interviewed Prof. Ellen Immergut, Scientific Coordinator of the Welfare State Futures Programme. EU Research is a leading journal for research dissemination in Eruope, with more than 50,000 hard copy subscribers in 33 countries, and more than 60,000 online subscribers. The article provides an overview the WSF Programme’s objectives and research findings, with examples drawn from a number of our 15 large projects. Of course, with more than 200 researchers investigating various aspects of the welfare state, ranging from social work and families to healthcare, unemployment, and migration, it was impossible to mention every project or research finding! But this does provide a direct reach out to many potentially interested stakeholders. EU Research published the article digitally on March 14, 2018 via issuu.com. Our article is found on page 48.

To download the article, click here.